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...P r e s e n t...

 Bioni Samp presents Beespace Transmissions [Monthly] 

 Darkfloor [Fortnightly] 

 Italo Sessions [Bi-Monthly]

RED [Fortnightly]


Sonic Warriors United [Monthly] 


 Special Events & Irregular Slots

Transmitting Techno 

 Date to be confirmed - 8pm GMT/12pm SLT - Remus Scorpio

10pm GMT/2pm SLT - Stig Batistuta

Backwater Community Recordings are commited to finding the future sound of techno and pushing it.

They aim to give the unknown guys the chance they deserve of being heard and played by some bigger and well known djs.

The label is run by Joseph McGeechan and Colin Bain, who are also the BCR Boys. They are on a selection of good labels.

The label and their own produtions have also received support from Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Steve Lawler, Speedy J, Pascal Molin, Kyle Gieger, Steve Parker, Leon and Greenbeam, Gary Beck, Hans Bouffmyhre, Harvey Mckay, Marco Dassi, Dj Vibe, ThePresslaboys, Sebastian Leger, Perc, Levan, Sani, Rich Jones, Funkatron and many more.

Based in Glasgow it was started initally to promote their own sound but soon began to focus on other artists, giving the label the chance to grow and become recognised on the techno scene throughout the world.

They now present the label and its sound to the clubbers of Second Life as it makes the transision from real life to Second Life.



F u t u r e...



Noraj-Cue (2ndthoughts Brando)

IONIC Benton (Ionic Benton)

Transmitting Techno (Remus Scorpio / Silver)


Eliza Moody will soon introduce play and present - Memorical - a C90 style stash of sounds produced by friends known outside Second Life as:-


Bioni Samp, Bowyer Hawks,

Cari LekebuschCoefficient,

Distant EndIonic Benton,

Kwik SnaxMatt GillMotogen,

Muzeek, Noraj-CueRadiTiari,