Real and Virtual Events & Collaborations

Charlotte McCrory / Eliza Moody

Eliza Moody is the registered avatar name of Charlotte McCrory in Second Life and other virtual worlds since January 2007.  Developing skills in communication, resourcing and facilitating, customer relations and retentions, marketing and promoting, creating flyers for events in addition to logo and website creation. Basic building, scripting and learning to design in a 3D virtual environment for the presence of the virtual club on Second Life called The Drome. Continued collaborations with contacts for the syndication of radio and mixed reality events deliver an interactive communication platform with underground electronic sounds emerged in the 3D environment of Second Life.

Inworld / Real World / Mixed Reality

Promoter / DJ Resourcer - March 2011
Get Carter is 40

Another collaboratio

n wit


 Vector 76

 - this event took place live at the 

 Vector 76

 and, a

s part of this years Get Carter 40th anniversary Vector76 were commissioned by the Tyneside Cinema to rebuild the iconic 

 Owen Luder

 designed Gateshead car park as part of the Carter is 40 anniversary celebrations. Visitors were able to interact with online virtual revelers located in Club Luder in virtual NewcastleGateshead in Second Life as part of the mixed reality event.

Inworld Promoter & Moderator - May 2010
Northern Net - The Future of Broadband

In collaboration

n wit

h Vector 76 this event took place live at the Hilton Gateshead and at the virtual Sage in NewcastleGatehead on Second Life.  

Run by Codeworks as part of the Sunderland Software City initiative and sponsered by NorthernNet. 

The Future of Broadband brought together in one evening specialists from NorthernNet, G-ti, Alcatel-Lucent, IT-PS and Community Broadband Network. Hosted by Brian Condon, a partner in Complexity Groups LLP and board member of Community Broadband Network, the evening was diverse and lively and ended with Q&A panel session fielding questions from both the live audience and virtual world.  I've organised for the machinima video and a track to be produced, the links when available will be posted here.

Promoter / DJ Resourcer 2008, 2009 and 2010
SEAT Annual Xmas & New Year Parties 

In collaboration with the management of SEAT Island on Second Life, my first involvement was to host and promote this spectacular event inworld. Following its success, this year I was more involved as main promoter and resourced all of the DJs for the event which was also video streamed to Facebook for non Second Life users.

Inworld Coordinator - September 2009

Nottingham Twestival - Live audio stream relay from Second Life to The Muse bar in Nottingham, UK

In collaboration with PCM Creative this event took place at




in Nottingham in real life and in The Drome at virtual NewcastleGateshead. I assisted by promoting inworld and resourcing a DJ able to stream live to to Second Life which was then relayed simultaneously to the PA system at the Nottingham Twestival (Twitter Festival) - a Twestival or Twitter-Festival is a global series of events organized by volunteers around the world under short timescales via Twitter, which brings people offline for a great cause.  Video capture of the event courtesy of 

PCM Creative

Inworld Coordinator - July 2009

Viva City 

Live audio and video stream relay to Second Life from The Cluney 2 in NewcastleGateshead, UK

In collaboration with Vector 76 this event took place at the Cluney 2 in NewcastleGateshead in real life and at the virtual NewcastleGateshead. I assisted in promoting inworld for this event and arranged video capture courtesy of d_oo_b productions.

Coordinator - May 2009
Little Boots live audio stream relay to Second Life from the Evolution Festival in NewcastleGateshead, UK

In collaboration with Vector 76 I was at NewcasteGateshead in both real and virtual forms.  This event took place at the quayside in NewcastleGateshead in real life and at virtual NewcastleGateshead.  We created avatars to represent the band for their virtual performance, I assisted in the promoting and operations side for this event.

Coordinator - March 2009
Pixel Palace at The Tyneside Cinema NewcastleGateshead, UK

In collaboration with Vector 76 I was at NewcasteGateshead in both real and virtual forms.  The event took place at the Tyneside Cinema in real life and at the newly launched virtual NewcastleGateshead island which was projected to a large screen at the venue.  I operated the video projection and navigated around the virtual island for the general public to view on the big screen.  Simultaneously the event was video captured and streamed back to Second Life so residents inworld could see the live audience at the cinema.  I also managed the inworld advertising, sourced promoters and hosts for this event and arranged with Moebiusssurfing to produce a video to capture this spectacular event.  
An article in the BBC News/Technology section written by Bill Thompson featuring the event followed shortly after.

Inworld Coordinator - January 2009
RED live at Club Barcelona, Hastings, UK and at The Drome, Second Life

This event took place in a club located in Hastings, near Brighton in the UK. The audio stream was relayed to The Drome in Second Life and projection of The Drome to screened to the real life club.  I facilitated inworld to promote and host the event.

Event Manager - May 2008

In collaboration with Loudbaby a three day festival took place in the real world and highlights were simultaneously video streamed to the big screens at the virtual Hart Plaza at Detroit in Second Life.  I assisted with resourcing DJs, promoted and managed inworld this official Detroit Electronic Music Festival in Second Life.  The festival is an internationally recognised electronic music festival event managed by Paxahau held each year.


Syndicating radio to a virtual world has involved assisting the host in the creation of an Second Life account, setting up and promoting so they have an inworld presence enabling them to interact with the audience live. 

I collaborate to deliver a regular fortnightly show syndicated via South West Underground radio and live into The Drome with Darkfloor

Special guest syndication of radio shows at The Drome

Sheffield Bleep hosts a fortnightly show on Future Music and has on occasions syndicated his show into The Drome in 2010.

Fnoob electronic radio established in September 2009.  I invited Fnoob to explore the virtual world and syndicate their shows to The Drome increasing the number of listeners and promoting inworld to new people with similar interests and taste in music.

Another special guest radio show syndicated to The Drome was the Ben and Lex show in 2007 via  NuSkool Breaks radio.

Record Labels

I've hosted regular LAW Recordings promotional nights at The Drome and collaborated to organise FOEM (Forum of Electronic Music) 5th anniversary celebration in Second Life - a promotional video was captured of the event held in September 2008 at The Basement Club.

Charlotte McCrory, Tyneside Cinema - March 2009