The Drome's Friends & Collaborators

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Bioni Samp - DJ & Producer

Web Site -www.bionisamp.info
Second Life Name - Samp String
Style - Techno, experimental

An artist, musician and video maker originally from Leeds and currently resides in London.  In addition to live shows around London Bioni also plays
 at The Drome and features tracks made by producers and labels, he is involved with taking people on a experimental journey into the night.  His inspiration started on community and pirate radio and evolved over time into a virtual world.  Experimental... his music is constantly evolving through electronic grooves, industrial soundscapes, video matrix's, magnetic distortion, ambient recordings, bass waves and circuit-board rhythms - hear Bioni Samp on the first saturday of every month, 11pm GMT at The Drome.

Coefficient - DJ & Producer

Web Site -www.coefficient-audio.com
Second Life Name - Robot Recreant
Style - Techno, dark 

DJ/Producer of Coefficient / Motogen and also a great regular resident DJ of The Drome.

Website - www.darkfloor.co.uk
Second Life Name - DVNT Snowpaw
Style - Varied

Great DJ who syndicates his fortnightly show to The Drome each Friday with his special showcase.  Fantastic graphic design works and good friend.

Larry Cavelle - DJ & Producer

Web Site -www.altaego.org
Second Life Name - Larry Lawksley
Style - Detroit Techno 

DJ/Producer from South of England who regularly live around the UK and plays regular sets on W.A.R.M.T.H an internet show united to preserve the integrity of Detroit Electronic Music.   Also special guest at The Drome on random occasions.

Noraj Cue DJ & Producer

Web Site -www.norajcue.com
Second Life Name - 2ndthoughts Brando
Style - Tech/Minimal

Noraj-Cue productions and collaborator of the FOEM 5th Anniversary at The Basement in Second Life.

Web Site -www.freshstatic.wordpress.com
Second Life Name - Olaf Quintessa
Style -  Techno, Electro, Deep House, Italo

Olaf Quintessa - Founder of Freshstatic and resident DJ of The Drome in addition to co-creator of Virtual Advisor.  Often has the odd Italo-House  party bi-monthly at The Drome.

Web Site - www.red313.co.uk
Second Life Name - RED Crazyboi
Style - Techno, Detroit Techno, House

RED consist of DJs Jim Bull, Japhy and Marley Cole who are based in the South East of England.  They are currently hosting house and techno parties in the Hastings area, showcasing at special events around the UK and Europe in addition to their fortnightly residency at The Drome.  They first appeared at The Drome back in 2008 introduced by Thinker who owned Alpha Box.  

Web Site - www.sheffieldbleep.co.uk
Second Life Name - Sheffield Northman
Style - Bleeps, Bass, Acid, Techno

Great DJ and purveyor of bass and bleeps, that said it all so The Drome had to get in contact with him to collaborate in live syndication of his regular radio show hosted on Future Music.  Also  co-creator of Virtual Advisor and an occasional guest DJ at The Drome.

Website - www.sonicwarriorsunited.com
Second Life Names - Denard Alchemi & Jana Hakiu 
Style - Techno, Rhythmic Industrial, EBM and Electro

Denard Henry and Jana Clemen are DJ/Pproducers from opposite sides of the Atlantic who joined forces to develop a fusion of techno, ebm, electro and industrial dance music. Their Sonic Warriors United (SWU) project is a group of producers and djs who are actively exploring and deploying this fusion, and features artists such as Marita SchreckC-DexFloppy and Reade TruthTheir recent tour of Germany and the US included shows at Tresor, Berlin, and the Sommerstart Festival.  They host a regular monthly DRIFT event at The Drome.

Wildtek - DJ/Producer
Website - http://wildtek.free.fr
Second Life Name - Wildtek Tone 
Style - Detroit Techno

Wildtek is a DJ/producer and member of Detroit Techno Militia.  The Drome collaborated with Wildtek to invite guest DJs from Second Life to his regular Teknology show.

Net Radio / Labels

Bowyer Hawks creator and founder of FAC virtual club in Second Life and LAW Recordings - quarterly DJ guest at The Drome.

Fnoob Inernet Radio Station was launched in September 2009 with the purpose of promoting as many underground music DJs, Producers and Labels around the world. Fnoob online radio stages a mixture of up and coming DJs from a wide variety of electronic and underground music genres.  Fnoob has syndicated live shows to The Drome featuring Mazyee and Kane 44.

FOEM [Forum of Electronic Music] is a producer/DJ forum where you can place your tracks and mixes for others to be heard.  The Drome collaborated with a select few for the FOEM 5th Anniversary party in Second Life.

Second Life Bootlegs is a podcast composed of SL's best live DJ's. All sessions are recorded from in world and posted if they befit the general theme of this podcast. Genres posted include but are not entirely limited to variations of electronic music. 


d-oo-b - Provider of technical advice and machinima in addition to reserve stream resources.  Eif has been a long term friend and help :)
 wo ears __________ d-    -b    two eyes __________    oo    to support your ideas ----------------> d-oo-b      (-_o)

Loudbaby - the evolution of intelegent design and original creators of the Detroit Island on Second Life, which was home to The Drome in 2008 to 2009. Loudbaby focus on web design, hosting and development.

Moebiussurfing - Machinma AV Productions 

Specialist in machinima, Moebiussurfing have facilitated for The Drome, Vector76 and The Basement to provide quality video productions including FOEM 5th Anniversary, NewcastleGateshead's Pixel Palace at The Tyneside Cinema and others.  His other productions include machinima of other great virtual electronic clubs and festivals, Luke Slater in Second Life.  Moebiussurfing also helped facilitate the inspiring DROID mixed reality gig featuring Luke Vibert back in February 2008.

Neostreams - Audio & Video Stream Suppliers

For nearly 3 years Neostreams have provided The Drome with a quality audio streaming service at reasonable rates.  Brad has always been helpful, efficient and reliable - even when I have forgotten to pay :)

Vector76  developed and own NewcastleGateshead on Second Life.  The Drome has collaborated on a few projects with Vector76 and continue to bring mixed reality to Second Life.

and the rest...

MetroBoy - Special guest DJ appearance at The Drome, 2009

Sir Real - Special guest DJ appearance at The Drome, 2009

Trevor Wilkes - Special guest DJ appearance at the Drome, 2009

Transient  - Guest DJ on special occasions

Cari Lekebusch  - Great DJ and builder in Second Life 

Technopodcast - Great techno podcast site featuring the finest of mixes 

United Beats  - Great underground club in Second Life 

Back to Mine  - Great underground club in Second Life