The Drome was founded 14 years ago in 2007 in a virtual world now full of authentic vintage pixels with an echo of bass and bleeps behind the speakers.

The Drome is one of the original underground virtual clubs hosting online and on various platforms including Second Life, which was the original location prior to exploring other immersive reality environments and showcasing mixed reality events.

A club that is dedicated to live DJs who play a selection of saved vinyl and scratched mp3's.

Expect all sorts of....techno, house, acid, electro, chill, dub, dubstep, dub techno, reggae, ska as well as other great sounds and blended beats between the flips and clicks...

The Drome Collaborations

Detroit Electronic Music Festival official virtual afterparty

FOEM 5th Anniversary

NewcastleGateshead in Second Life

Moebius Surfing Festival

Relay for Life


Vector 76 mixed reality event at Tyneside Cinema in collaboration with Pixel Palace - check out the interview by Bill Thompson here.

Evolution Festival featuring Little Boots

Audio and video stream of Viva City at The Cluny in NewcastleGateshead.


If you are interested in collaborating for an event, DJing, mixed reality or synchronising live radio to and at The Drome contact Eliza Moody inworld by IM to arrange or email eliza@thedrome.net

Friends Thanks to friends of The Drome, virtual and real who have influenced, played at, facilitated, collaborated and helped support The Drome.

Interviews Links to The Drome's resident DJ Olaf Quintessa's interviews on electronic music, virtual worlds and mixed reality.


Originally located at Galactica within Second Life, then a couple of other locations including opposite Kevin Saunderson's official virtual KMS Records HQ in virtual Detroit which was owned by Loudbaby and then moved following closure to NewcastleGateshead hosting more live DJs, special events and promoting mixed reality